Ziplining in Singapore at Mega Adventure Park

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Enjoy the Mega Zipline of 450m length
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  • Soar above the vibrant cityscape of Singapore, zipping through the air with breathtaking views that will leave you speechless

  • Experience the thrill of defying gravity as you conquer heart-pounding drops and twists on an adrenaline-pumping zip line adventure

  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while seamlessly gliding through a carefully designed course that blends with the lush tropical surroundings

  • Capture picture-perfect moments as you zip line, creating envy-inducing memories that will have your friends and family in awe of your daring spirit

  • Book the Zipline Singapore at Mega Adventure Park tickets and feel like a true superhero as you effortlessly glide from platform to platform

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Children below 30 kg but above 90 cm can go in tandem with another participant for the MegaZip.
  • All participants are required to wear socks.
  • Kids under 30kg fly tandem with their parents or friends.
  • This activity is not recommended for anyone with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc.
  • Participants who appear intoxicated may be refused service. In this case, no refunds will be given.
  • Participants must have a height of at least 90cm to join the Zipline Singapore.
  • All participants must be able to fit into the harnesses to join the Zipline Singapore.
  • Participants must weigh between 30kg-140kg for Zipline Singapore.
  • All international participants will have to share passport and visa details on arrival.
  • Participants are not allowed to carry any sharp object, lighter, luggage bag, alcohol, knife, etc.
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Ziplining in Singapore Overview

Singapore is a beautiful country with unique islands, lush greenery, and modern city limelight and is home to thrilling souls. Famous for several adventurous activities, this country is a go-to spot that has the infamous activity of zip lining, also known as flying fox. Zipline Singapore will make you witness the country’s mesmerizing views from the heights held by an inclined cable moving you from top to bottom. Done extensively in two locations in Singapore, Mega Adventure Park, and Forest Adventure, this activity makes sure to give you a rush of adrenaline.

The zipline Singapore will make you travel at 60 kph on a chilling 450 meters long zipline ride in a fun-packed adventure of thrill and joy. Ranking almost at the top of Asia’s most thrilling zipline activities, you will be able to soar up high in the sky while looking at beautiful landscapes. Ziplining is not just limited to a single ride but it is a combination of fun adventure which leads you to experience a large number of rides including obstacle crossing. Adventurous sport within the adventurous sport itself, ziplining in Singapore will make you jump about 12 obstacles in the sky as you bounce back again to the heights.

Zipline Singapore Ticket Variations

MegaZip - Single

Rise high in the sky with Asia’s number one Zipline making you move at a rapid speed of 60 KPH over Sentosa’s 75 meters high jungles to reach the serene sands of Siloso beach. Flying above this jungle queen will give you a dose of the wild greenery along with the beautiful waters. You will be able to see from the top of all the enchanting views of long trees, blissful landscapes and running animals in your flying experience of half a kilometer. You will forget yourself attached to a rope as it makes you feel that you are flying in solace.

MegaZip lining and climb
MegaZip lining and climb

If you are a pro-adventurer, zip lining and climbing will give your soul a sense of fulfillment. Travel through the skies of jungles climbing different obstacles just like they do in video games. Amaze yourself with not one, not two, but a total of three levels of obstacles climbing depending upon your capacity and curiosity. Choose either MegaClimb crossing 12 obstacles or from MegaJump with a simulated 15m free-fall ride that mimics a parachute jump. From easy to moderate and extreme, obstacle climbing is a mega-adventure for tough souls.

Tandem Zip
Tandem Zip

If you want to bring your kid to experience adventures just like you do, tandem zip is the best option for you. A perfect combo specially designed for families, and parents who want their kids to enjoy the flying fox, opt for Tandem zip. If your kid is below 30 Kgs with you totalling a weight of 140Kgs, you will be able to board this ride and have some fun all together. Take your kid on to MegaZip rides witnessing the beauty of jungles flying over the imbiah hill along Siloso Beach in the Tandem Zip ride.

Zip and Bounce

Zip and bounce is yet again another way to lighten up your kid’s mood by making your kid ride another adventure of the sky in ziplining in Singapore. The kid-friendly combo of the MegaZip, and MegaBounce is again a great way to make your kid have a blast. The thrill of MegaZip will keep you and your kid busy in the sky enjoying the beauty of the jungle. Your enthralling trip will be ended by MegaBounce testing your acrobatic skills. The parent-child duo will be carried away by bungee assisted trampolines allowing both of you to bounce 8m high in the sky.

Places for Ziplining in Singapore

The Sentosa island of Singapore is famous amongst travelers as the go-to place for the brave souls who seek the thrill. The essence of Sentosa zipline lies in the 450 m wide zipline going through wonderful landscapes for making your hearts filled with thrill. Sentosa island makes sure that you experience the best set of rides according to your level of adventurel and get the country’s best views from the top.

Mega Adventure Park

Staying true to its name, the mega-adventure park is located on Sentosa Island and has the most thrilling sky adventures to offer. The Mega adventure park is a dream place for adventurers to visit and experience zipline Singapore. Offering four rides from the range of the light-hearted beginners to the tough pro-adventurous souls, ziplining in Singapore is easier and even better than ever. The park is famous to code the offered ride in its own name by using the prefix “Mega” in front of all the dynamic rides such as MegaZip, MegaBounce, and MegaClimb. MegaZip. One must think that Mega Adventure park has to cater to only adventurous souls but it takes care of your kids as well. You can take your kid to enjoy it to the fullest by boarding Tandem Zip and Zip and bounce rides to experience the fun together.

Forest Adventure
Forest Adventure

Located in the Bedok Reservoir Park in Singapore, Forest adventure is another thrilling experience of 300 meters zip gliding across the waters. The thrilling ride gives you the heavenly feeling of flying above beautiful waters and forests while fulfilling your adventure quest. Big zip starts 14 meters above the ground and makes you cross the Bedok water reservoir at a rapid speed giving you the thrill. You will be witnessing the beauty of the deadly combination of water and forest top views at high speeds with your family and loved ones.

Other Things to Do at Mega Adventure Park

The Mega adventure park in the Sentosa island is known for activities that makes sure it serves every adventurer as per their capacity. With MegaZip being the base of every ride, it makes you travel high in the jungle skies while others make you climb difficult obstacles and bounce you back up in the air for unlimited fun in sentosa zipline.


One of the most celebrated rides in the mega-adventure park, MegaZip is an out of the world adventure ride. The star of the show MegaZip ride is included in every offer of Mega adventure park as it is the base of ziplining and all other rides. Riders start the ride from the top of the infamous imbiah hill 75m (246 ft) height above ground level speeding up to 60 KPH (37mph) on a zip line of 450 meters.

This thrilling ride will make you fly high in the skies of Singapore where you will be witnessing the greenery of the jungle, sands of the beach, and sea, only to finish your journey with a bang on Siloso beach! You can choose to experience the MegaZip Tandem ride, a complete family package where along with your kid can fully experience the thrills of the MegaZip ride high in the skies.


While you are in the Mega zipline in Sentosa, MegaClimb levels you up in the game of adventure as it is a thrilling sports activity. MegaClimb will make you climb the obstacles coming in between your way to make your ziplining Singapore even more adventurous. There are three levels of MegaClimb that you have to choose from depending upon your capacities. A whopping 36 obstacles are a part of the MegaClimb ride where you cross the obstacles with friction in your climb. The obstacles include the jungle on the Imbiah Hill connected to a great eucalyptus tree from a distance of 15 meters covering several treetops.

Mega Bounce

As the name suggests, this ride will bounce you back in the sky to make your adventure even more exciting. A true test of acrobatic skills, MegaBounce makes you jump 8 meters high in the sky of Mega adventure park. A perfect treat for kids, you will be able to spring 8 meters high with your instructor with a bungee assisted by a trampoline. This ride is usually taken by the parents with their little ones and is a kid-favorite ride. Bungee assistance will make you and your kid perform gravity-defying flips with bungee assistance in a super trampoline at Sentosa's beautiful beachfront.

Know Before You Book Zipline Singapore Tickets

Essential Information
How to Reach
Visitors Tips
Essential Information

Location: Siloso Beach Walk, Mega Adventure - Singapore, Singapore

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday between 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

Best time to visit: If you are planning to experience the Sentosa Zipline, the best time of year to visit is between December and June when the weather is perfect for experiencing all the activities and the morning hours are the best time to experience all the rides in peace.

Zipline Singapore FAQ's

What to wear to visit Ziplining Singapore?

    For experiencing the Sentosa zipline, breathable light clothes such as T-shirts and shorts are advised along with the sports shoes being highly recommended.

What are the other activities can we try at Mega Adventure Park?

Is there any age restriction for Zipline Singapore?

How much weight does a Zipline hold?

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